Kuttisankar Mookkiah started his career right after completing his MBA in 1997 from the prestigious PSNA Engineering College in Dindigul. In 1998 he started working as a marketing executive in cosmetic products. Determined to understand the industry as a whole, he believed that marketing was the field to be in. A year later he performed ERP services for Aex technology in Chennai and later served as a marketing executive in APR Bristol Software.

Always interested in helping out his community, he became a proud member of the Lions Club, JCI to make a difference. He later went on to become a member of both the Software Industry Development of Association and the Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce. On his long journey he amassed as much as industry experience he could before starting his first company, “Saravana Infotech” in 2000.

Saravana Infotech was founded with the intent to provide the highest quality web services to any who would require them. It had always been a dream of Kuttisankar Mookkiah to start a premium web service company in his hometown of Madurai. From E-Commerce sites to professional websites and matrimony sites, Saravana Infotech became well known in Madurai for providing affordable yet high quality products for a number of satisfied clients and brands. His dream continues today in the form of his latest project, “mumbaiWebsite.com”. Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology and knowledge, he intends to branch off into providing additional services such as Web Hosting, Bulk SMS services, Bulk Email Services and Live Streaming Services to meet the growing demands of the market.


To provide high quality and extremely efficient web services to both the corporate world as well as individuals to set them on the way to success and ensure its longevity. Combining state of the art design skills, exceptional coding and cost effective processes, we aim to deliver powerful solutions for any and all website related needs.


Our aim is to stand out unique and proud in the industry and more importantly, to be held in high esteem, amongst our wonderful clients. We strive to create the best solutions for you so that we can bring your dreams to reality.  Our greatest desire is to fulfill all of yours.


High Quality
On Time Delivery
Cost Effective Products
Exceptional Designs
Innovative and Strong Coding
Epic Ideas
Wide Array of Products and Services
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